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Are you searching for a unique safari experience? Well, how about trekking the last remaining Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. Gorilla trekking is a highlight amongst the most remarkable things you can do while travelling around Africa. Here are a few tips that can be really helpful when planning your Uganda Gorilla Trekking adventure. As you

part 1: the company Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is on every keen hiker’s bucketlist and it’s crucial that you choose a company that not only knows the mountain well, but that can also assist you literally every step of the way. From the initial enquiry, throughout the whole booking process, your preparation and training,

When seeking an option for an authentic African safari; you are spoilt for choice between Kenya and Tanzania.  Taking into account the fact that both nations are magnificently beautiful. The two options both offer hair-raising landscapes, awesome game viewing and diverse parts of the extraordinary wildebeest migration alongside a series of bucket list activities that

What do you really know about the African continent especially when countries of East Africa are in the picture? People who have been to these countries know that each one of them has different places of natural wonders & cultural importance. Besides that, there are numerous as well as exceptional places of architecture & wonderful

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