Worthy Tips, What You Need To Know Before Trekking With Mountain Gorillas In Uganda
Why Choose “World Adventure Tours” For Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

Are you searching for a unique safari experience? Well, how about trekking the last remaining Mountain Gorillas in Uganda. Gorilla trekking is a highlight amongst the most remarkable things you can do while travelling around Africa.

Here are a few tips that can be really helpful when planning your Uganda Gorilla Trekking adventure.

As you may know, Mountain gorillas are an endangered species on our planet. Having been exposed to long periods of war, destruction of its natural habitats and disease. Thanks to ongoing conservation efforts, the gradual rise in the species population are now evident as the Mountain Gorillas are now off the ‘Critically Endangered’ list to ‘Endangered’ as of November 2018. Right now, the total mountain gorilla population is assessed to be around 1000.

Where Do The Mountain Gorillas Live?

Where Do The Mountain Gorillas Live.

There are just two populations of mountain gorillas left on the planet. The principal lives in the Virunga volcanic piles of Central Africa, with gatherings dispersed between Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The second populace lives deep in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

What Options Do You Have To See The Mountain Gorillas?

What Options Do You Have To See The Mountain Gorillas

The chance of seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda is practically 100%! There are numerous gorilla families in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and it’s very rare that you will not see any at all. So, don’t worry about spotting these beautiful creatures during your Uganda Safari, because at World Adventure Tours guarantee you a site of the endangered Mountain Gorillas during your safari.

Listed below are our top itinerary for trekking, these highly intelligent endangered mammals in UGANDA.

  • 4 Days Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Our 4 Days Uganda Gorilla Safaris is a short overland exciting adventure about gorilla trekking. An unquestionable requirement accomplish for adventurous travellers!

  • 7 Days Uganda Gorilla Safaris

The 7 Days Uganda Gorilla Safaris, is all about a memorable once in a lifetime Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking expedition in Uganda and Rwanda. This border-thrilling safari is a must do for all adventurous traveller!

  • 10 Days Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Our 10 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari is a groundbreaking journey of and extraordinary experiences. This safari tour pushes the boundaries of orthodox travel experiences to reach some of Uganda´s most remote places on this dynamic adventure.

What To Expect On Your Trek?

It’s critical to realize what you’re getting into before setting out on a gorilla trek. Climbing through the forest can be testing and extreme however it is attainable for anybody with a sensible dimension of wellness. However, you may get sloppy. A flask of water comes in very handy.

Basic Knowledge About Mountain Gorilla Habitat

Basic Knowledge About Mountain Gorilla Habitat

Mountain gorillas live in areas of high altitude, from an elevation of 2200 meters to 4300 meters which make hiking strenuous before travellers get to the gorillas. The forest is impenetrable with dense undergrowth; thorny bushes and shrubs which make it difficult to walk through. The zone where the gorillas live is foggy, clammy and (contingent upon the season) can be somewhat cold. Mountain gorillas move around relying upon the season, investing energy in the subalpine districts to benefit from Senecio trees amid specific occasions of the year.

What To Pack For Your Gorilla Trek?

  • Rain jacket
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Mini first-aid kit with antiseptic, plasters and wet wipes
  • Phone and/or camera gear (no flash) including a rain sleeve for your camera
  • Small microfiber towel for rinsing hands and face.
  • Packed lunch and enough drinking water

Why Choose “World Adventure Tours” For Gorilla Trekking In Uganda?

Why Choose “World Adventure Tours” For Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

A Uganda Gorilla Trekking in one of the world’s most Impenetrable forests is a once in a lifetime experience that will exceed all of your expectations and desires. So, if you want to experience this unique adventure, World Adventure Tours can make your dream come true, with its specialized itinerary to give you the very best!

For more information about our Uganda Gorilla trekking packages or other destinations, visit worldadventuretours.com.