Kenya VS Tanzania: How To Choose A Safari With World Adventure Tours
Tanzania Vs Kenya

When seeking an option for an authentic African safari; you are spoilt for choice between Kenya and Tanzania.  Taking into account the fact that both nations are magnificently beautiful. The two options both offer hair-raising landscapes, awesome game viewing and diverse parts of the extraordinary wildebeest migration alongside a series of bucket list activities that make choosing one over the other a challenge. This comparison of the two iconic safari destinations carefully highlights the contrast between the two countries, here’s what makes one different from the other;

Landscape And Climate

  • There are a lot more similarities than differences between Kenya and Tanzania. Because the two nations sit on the Indian Ocean Coastline. The Kenyan landscape is the mixture of sandy beaches on the coast, the highland in the centre and fertile plains in the west. The wet season runs from April to June and the dry season runs December through March. The average temperature in Kenya is between 20 degrees to 28 degrees.
  • Tanzania is similar to Kenya, but it is much bigger in size. You will find the coastline in the east, Plains and plateau running west across the country, and highlands in the north and south. The average temperature is 28 degrees and in the cold season it is 24 degree.

Expenses And Infrastructure

  • Kenya is a wealthier nation than Tanzania, so it’s generally more expensive. When you arrive in Kenya, you can get a budget, mid-range and luxury accommodation for your stay. It is said that more expensive hotels are generally safer and the food is fairly cheap. A decent meal can cost roughly $1 to $10.
  • Tanzania is a larger country and not so expensive. Food and accommodation are cheaper in comparison to Kenya. A street food meal will cost $3-$5 and accommodation in an expensive 3-star hotel will cost around $50-$65.


  • The most famous site in Kenya is Masai Mara, which has a very rich biodiversity making it one of the best Photography hotspots in the region. Lake Nakuru, which is famous for its flocks of flamingos that stand in its water. With a population of four million the city of Nairobi is one of Africa’s famous and bustling cities. North of Nairobi is the Mount Kenya, which is the 2nd tallest mountain in whole Africa, after Kilimanjaro. Let’s not forget Masai villages, which gives a traditional view of East African life. The city of Mombasa hosts several beaches like Daini beach, south coast, north coast to mention a few.
  • In Tanzania Safari Tours, the Serengeti is the most famous safari park on the planet and remains ground zero for the great migration of wildebeest and zebras each year. Here we find, the Kilimanjaro Mountain, which is the tallest in Africa and one of the world’s seven summits. Along the coast, you will find Dar Es Salaam, one of Africa’s largest city and it is the commercial capital of Tanzania. And finally to the north, the Lake Victoria which is the continent’s largest lake.

Food And Culture

  • Kenyan cuisine largely features stews and other mixture of vegetables and meat that are usually served with Ugali. You will find grilled meat and vegetable dishes all over the nation. Seafood is eaten in the coastal areas. Along with coast you can find coconut rice, while central Kenya is more known for its sweet potatoes.
  • Tanzania cuisine also consists of Ugali as staple food. On the mainland, you will find grilled meats, biriyani and green banana stew and even pilau. Along the coast you will find the key ingredient is coconut milk. These Tanzanian foods are spicier, because of the Indian influences. Stews are also common in Tanzania.


  • Kenya is smaller than Tanzania. In Kenya, we can find all the big five; like lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino and elephants in most game reserves in the country. At Masai Mara at the national reserve you will also find hippos, cheetahs, servals, civets, caracals, dajjal, antipoles, zebras, giraffe, baboons and vervet monkeys. There are 1135 species of birds in Kenya. You will find also the highly endangered rhinos in Kenya.
  • Tanzania is much larger than Kenya, over 4 million animals reside here. There are over 1000 species of birds and also 60000 species of insects in the country.

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