Weather In Tanzania

Tanzania weather has local contrasts because of geography. The coastal regions are the most smoking and most damp, while the North of Tanzania is cooler in view of elevation. The temperatures differ somewhere in the range of 22°C and 31 °C amid the year and drop amid the night (22°C in Zanzibar to 10°C in Ngorongoro). Zanzibar has a tropical atmosphere since it is found near the Equator.

The Year Round Weather Is As Follows:

  • December – March is normally the hotter period in Tanzania with February and March being the hottest. Mornings and evenings are commonly cooler and low mugginess. Temperatures normal from 57 to 86ºF.
  • March for the most part denotes the start of the long rains going through to May. This is the time when the savannah is rehydrated and grasses renewed. The downpour generally falls in the late evenings and nights. Hope to see temperatures somewhere in the range of 55 and 58ºF.
  • June – September is the thing that goes for winter in this piece of the world with July and August being the coldest month. The thermometer can drop as low as 40ºF and raise to a high of 80ºF. Amid this season it’s astute to have comfortable apparel as the evenings can get truly nippy.
  • October and November is “spring” time in Tanzania when guests get the opportunity to appreciate weather like spring in the US. Jacaranda and different trees are in full sprout and the winged animals are tweeting. It’s a stunning season. The short rains likewise come around this time. The temperatures go somewhere in the range of 55 and 75ºF.