Nam Flava Township Tour

Nam Flava Township Tour

Experience cultural diversity in an original Volkswagen Bus, guided by Namibian musician EES, where you can explore Katutura’s history, visit the vibrant Oshetu open market, and end at the famous craft market in Windhoek.

Activity Details

  • Duration: Half day
  • Starts at: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 9:00 AM
  • Location: Windhoek
  • Availability: On request
  • Price from: $49 USD

Activity Description

Experience the cultural diversity of Namibia in an old original Volkswagen Bus. We have partnered with the well-known Namibian musician, EES, to give you the Namibian experience of a lifetime. Your guide takes you on a journey through the township of Katutura while learning its history. Learn why people moved into the area, the different houses and structures, and the interesting facts surrounding the area.

Spend time in one of the most famous markets in Windhoek, the Oshetu open market, better known to the locals as “single quarters,” where you can interact with the local people and try some authentic local foods & drinks. Combined with some history of the city, your tour ends at the famous craft market in the city center.

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