Kilimanjaro Training & kits

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a physical endeavor, so you ought to set yourself up likewise with a Kilimanjaro preparing program. Being fit as a fiddle is significant in numerous regards. Clearly, solid, adapted legs make it simpler to walk tough and downhill for continued timeframes.

General high-impact wellness enables the body to work effectively with less oxygen. Furthermore, a fit body is bound to withstand the worry of back to back long periods of climbing and outdoors. At long last, a positive mental demeanor can do some incredible things for you when weakness and questions emerge.

Why Kilimanjaro Training is essential?

  • Your body will manage the rigors of adjusting to a high height much better
  • You will recuperate all the more rapidly after every day’s efforts on the mountain
  • You will appreciate the entire experience significantly more
  • You will be substantially more prone to achieve the summit
  • You won’t be too depleted to even consider taking photos and notice your excellent environment

With World Adventure you can be assured of a successful summit as we have one of the best trekking guides and porters who not only guide you to the summit but also motivate you to achieve this unique feat.

Below listed is a sample packing list by World Adventure Tours which would be helpful for your Kilimanjaro trek:

  1. Soft kit bag (for porters to carry)
  2. Small daypack
  3. Rain cover for backpack/bags
  4. Sun hat/cap
  5. Scarf
  6. Balaclava
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Waterproof jacket and trousers
  9. Four-season duvet jacket
  10. Warm upper body layers
  11. Thermal under layers
  12. Trekking trousers
  13. Shorts (optional)
  14. Underwear/sports bra
  15. Waterproof gloves
  16. Thin gloves, gaiters
  17. Thick socks, thin socks
  18. Waterproof hiking boots]
  19. Spare laces
  20. Jogging shoes or flip flops for around camp
  21. Walking poles
  22. Sleeping bag
  23. Eye protection goggles (for wind/dust/glare on summit)
  24. head torch
  25. Camera
  26. Memory cards
  27. Spare batteries
  28. Towel
  29. Toiletries
  30. Lip balm
  31. Sunscreen
  32. Toilet paper
  33. Hand sanitizer
  34. Wet wipes, personal first aid kit
  35. Medication (diamox optional)
  36. Insect repellent
  37. Pen/paper/playing cards
  38. Water bottles
  39. Water purification tablets (optional)
  40. Water flavoring or rehydration salts
  41. Favorite snacks