Kilimanjaro Altitude Advice

Altitude is the absolute most significant thought on Kilimanjaro. It is the purpose behind fizzled summit offers, crisis departures and the general sentiment of distress most involve with some time on Kilimanjaro.

Who Does It Affect?

The hardest thing about altitude disorder is that it is exceptionally hard to foresee will’s identity influenced. Wellness has little effect, in certainty fitter sorts regularly battle more as there are increasingly smug and gain altitude too rapidly. More significant than how fit you are, is the means by which you climb the mountain…

Pole Pole

There is no doubt, you will be made distraught by sad cries of ‘post shaft’ by aides and watchmen alike on Kilimanjaro. You’d be shrewd to regard the counsel. Strolling at an unfaltering moderate pace with a lot of stops gives your body progressively opportunity to adjust to the altitude and guarantees you can continue getting a rich supply of oxygen to your blood. Try not to be enticed to endeavor to stay aware of the snappiest in your gathering, keep to your own pace.

Drink And Eat Well

A considerable lot of the indications of altitude infection can be mistaken for lack of hydration and make finding troublesome. Parchedness happens quicker at higher altitudes and results in cerebral pains. Focus on drinking water consistently for the duration of the day and drink more than you would ordinarily expect (4 liters daily is a decent benchmark).

Do What Your Guide Lets You Know

Aides have been prepared to recognize lack of hydration, gentle altitude infection, extreme AMS and dangerous High Altitude Cerebral Edema. Your own capacity to self-analyze is seriously weakened by the altitude. Hence it is fundamental to pursue your guide’s recommendation.


Diamox is compelling in upgrading the speed of acclimatization and lessening the side effects of altitude infection. Its reactions incorporate expanded pee which can build the odds of lack of hydration. Look for medicinal counsel in the event that you are thinking about utilizing Diamox.

Climb another high mountain ahead of the pack up to Kilimanjaro. Moving to high altitudes before endeavoring Kilimanjaro can make your climb a lot simpler, giving you adequate earlier acclimatization to manage the altitude. The last base camps for Kili are around 4,600m, so you in the event that you have to move to that altitude inside the three months before handling Kilimanjaro; you will have a particular favorable position.