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Please browse through our selection of adventures in Africa in no particular order. Everything is in here. We have curated the best adventure travel plans from around the world. Experience the hot sun on a safari in the savanna, the humid air of the rainforest, the cool breeze in the mountains, and the incredibly diverse wildlife in world-renowned National Parks. We offer you adventures to check off your bucket list, where you can touch the skies in a hot air balloon and see the beautiful landscapes of many destinations worldwide, from Tanzania to Nepal. We provide adventure plans that can be modified for your specific needs and preferences. We have experiences in Nepal, where you can hike in the frosty Himalayas, and in Uganda, where you can see the misty mountain gorillas up close. And in Zanzibar, you can swim on crystal-clear beaches and enjoy the exotic weather. We also expose you to various cultures, such as the Maasai culture, where you can experience these nomadic people’s traditional food and songs on their own terms. Visit Nepal, taste the unique tea in their high-altitude teahouses, and learn about the traditional coffee rituals they perform on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. We constantly add to our travel plans, so watch out for new destinations. Book us at World Adventure Tours. We know where to find real adventures in Africa.