Share a Day at Salama Community Center (Add-on Tanzania)

Spend the day with the children of Salama Community Center after a tour of Moshi Town. This day is all about community and sharing. At the Salama Center, you can meet the local students and contribute to their education by telling them about your life and profession or reading a book to the class. Give some knowledge and experience or donate groceries or school equipment from the Moshi market. All profits from this day trip go directly to the Salama Community Center.

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The Amazing Kids at Salama Center
Share a day at Salama Center
World Adventure Tours x Salama Orphanage
Classroom at Salama Center
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Enjoy breakfast at Springlands Hotel and then take a day to discover Moshi town and the colorful, vibrant market area. Visit the town’s cultural areas and coffee farms. If you shop at the community center for items such as rice, sugar, and some presents for the kids, like stationaries, candies, or juices, this can be done when you are in town. Continue your day by visiting the Salama community center and meeting the amazing children who look forward to sharing a day with you. Why not read a story to the class? Or tell them about your profession? We see this day as an opportunity for the children to meet people around the world to enrich their learning experience. This collaboration goes hand in hand with the work we constantly try to do in line with our sustainability policy.




Salama Center – Community Vision and Better Future (C.V.B.F) REG, NO, 07NGO/DB426 is located in Moshi Kilimanjaro Tanzania. It was officially founded by Luka Martin Dalima in 2007 and opened in January 2009 and operated under registered NGO Company LTD by guarantee to then have a community development registration. Committed to serving the community, it is our belief that, “as well as a value of Tanzanian culture, children without parents should remain living with extended family members rather than be removed from their communities and placed in institutions”.

Therefore, providing services to caregivers and family members is imperative if we are to end the cycle of poverty.

Our mission is to create a better future for orphaned and abandoned children by providing nutritious food, healthcare, education, and supportive services in a safe environment. We seek to engage the extended family and the surrounding community in the growth and development of each child. Partnering, when appropriate, with other local organizations to ensure that basic needs are met and that the children and their caregivers have the physical and emotional support that they need.

The Salama community center is based in Mji mpya ward in Moshi. We promote a family care model, where the children we support are placed with extended family members, we then work to support each caregiver’s ability to provide quality care to the children in their homes. 

Salama Center covers school supplies for primary and secondary students attending public school and offers to tutor the primary-aged children in the surrounding community we have a daycare at Salama Center to give a room for caregivers to go to work to support themselves and their families too.

Daycare: Runs Monday to Friday from 8 am until 12 pm then some children stay until 5:30 pm. It is intended for young children in our program because, in the community, these children are still too young to attend government school so they come to Salama Center.

Afterschool program: Children come to the center every day from Monday to Friday to get extra tutoring in Maths and English.

Vocational training: Training in tailoring and business skill is offered to community members

Health care: Some program and non-program kids and families receive health insurance yearly and are able to get treated when they are sick.

Home visits for program families: We conduct home visits to each and every family in the program to assess the development of the children and the well-being of the family as a whole.

We also conduct home visits for people with H.I.V in the community.

Monthly training for caregivers: By doing this, we offer the caregivers counseling and aim to empower them to identify their own needs and to come up with their own solutions to address the challenges that they face. Caregivers also benefit from support groups and educational workshops on topics such as health, parenting skills, and other relevant issues.

Tri-annual school visits are also done for all program secondary and primary students to ensure that each child is progressing well at school.

Services Offered to our families such as monthly food support, medical services, and support to cover the costs of all program students’ uniforms and to provide them with supplemental food at home and at school. However, we have had to cut back due to the lack of funding. We are hoping to resume them as soon as possible once we get the necessary money to do so.

Moshi, TZ
8:54 pm, March 27, 2023
light rain
Wind: 5 mph
Pressure: 1012 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 6:33 am
Sunset: 6:38 pm

Included in the Day Trip:

  • Moshi and coffee tour day trip
  • Community center visit 

Excluded from the Day Trip:

  • Shopping for the Salama center- depending on the client’s wish

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