Serengeti Balloon Safari (Add-on Tanzania)

Are you going to Tanzania for a safari and looking for the ultimate cherry on top? You’ve come to the right place – this Serengeti Balloon Safari is guaranteed the most spectacular way to experience the unreal landscapes and witness the incredible wildlife of Tanzania. Followed by an included bush breakfast, this is an opportunity that you simply cannot miss!

Fly a hot air balloon over Serengeti in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This add-on is available to add to all of our Tanzanian safaris!

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Two hot air balloons in the Serengeti during sunset
A bird's-eye view of a car in the Serengeti
A herd of animals seen from a hot air balloon in the Serengeti
Tourists looking down on Serengeti from a hot air balloon


Witness the Serengeti’s awakening from a the air as the sun rises

Gain a panoramic view of the great migration and varied wildlife

Dine a luxurious bush breakfast on the savannah after your flight

Enjoy an eco-friendly adventure that respects the environment


Experience a new way to see the savannah on our Serengeti Balloon Safari, the most magical way to see the Serengeti in all its glory. Soar above the Serengeti and witness the natural world come to life in the delicate light of dawn. This is an experience that really cannot be described but must be lived. This serene journey in the sky offers a silent, awe-inspiring spectacle of the great migration and the untamed wildlife in their natural habitat.



Following your sky-adventure, descend to the heart of the savannah for a luxurious bush breakfast. Enjoy a meal amidst the wilderness, elevating your experience with outstanding service in the great outdoors. Committed to conservation and the ethos of eco-tourism, this part of the trip ensures that your safari is not only spectacular but also sustains the beauty of the Serengeti for generations to come.

Flying a hot air balloon over Serengeti is an unforgettable experience and you will not regret adding this activity to any of our safari packages in Tanzania that include visiting the Serengeti National Park and Tarangire National Park, such as our best-seller Big Five Luxury Safari, the Wildebeest Calving Season from January to March, our Luxury Leopard Safari and more!


Complete your safari experience with our unique Serengeti Balloon Safari, a must-do addition to any travel plan through Tanzania’s most iconic national parks. Not only will you be offered a magical bird’s eye panorama of the Serengeti and Tarangire that you can’t really get anywhere else, you’ll also partake in an eco-friendly journey, offering a new appreciation for the grandeur of the great migration.

  • A must-do activity with any of our travel plans passing through the Serengeti National Park or Tarangire National Park.
  • Seeing the parks from a bird’s eye view is a magical experience that you will never forget.
  • Appreciate the grandness of the great migration on a whole other level.
  • Top-class bush breakfast and service.



The Serengeti is known for its incredible natural beauty and wildlife, and our Serengeti Balloon Safari offers a unique perspective on this vast landscape. When flying a hot air balloon over Serengeti you’ll have the opportunity to see the savannah, plains, and wildlife from above – a truly breathtaking experience! You’ll soar above the treetops and have the chance to see wildlife up close while also experiencing the thrill of flying. Unlike other forms of transportation, hot air balloons move slowly and quietly, allowing you to appreciate the natural sounds and serenity of the Serengeti. This can be a great way to relax and unwind while enjoying the incredible scenery. Hot air balloons are a relatively eco-friendly form of transportation as they do not produce emissions or disturb the natural environment, which makes it a great option for travelers conscious of their environmental impact. If this sounds like an adventure for you, don’t hesitate to add the Serengeti balloon safari to your journey through Tanzania!

Tanzania, TZ
9:19 pm, June 16, 2024
temperature icon 22°C
scattered clouds
Humidity 42 %
Pressure 1014 mb
Wind 4 mph
Wind Gust: 4 mph
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 6:47 am
Sunset: 6:34 pm

What is a balloon safari in the Serengeti?

A balloon safari is a unique way to experience the Serengeti from above. You will fly in a hot air balloon over the park, taking in the stunning landscapes and wildlife from a bird’s-eye view.

When is the best time to go on a balloon safari in the Serengeti?

Balloon safaris are available year-round, but the best time to go is during the dry season (June-October) when the weather is clear, and there is less chance of flight cancellations due to weather conditions.

How long is a balloon safari in the Serengeti?

The flight lasts about one hour, but the entire experience usually takes 3-4 hours, including transportation to and from the launch site, breakfast, and a champagne toast.

Is it safe to go on a balloon safari in the Serengeti?

Yes, balloon safaris in the Serengeti are generally safe. The safaris company has experienced pilots and follows strict safety protocols. However, there is always some degree of risk involved in any adventure activity, so it’s important to follow the instructions of the pilot and crew.

What should I wear on a balloon safari in the Serengeti?

Dress in layers and wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. Avoid loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught in the balloon’s equipment. Wear closed-toe shoes, as you will walk in the tall grass before and after the flight.

What is the tipping etiquette for safari guides and mountain crews on trips like this?

Tipping is highly appreciated at the end of safari/mountain climb. The size of tips will vary depending on the length and complexity of the trip, the number of staff on the trip and the number of clients on the trip. Generally, groups like to meet together before the end of the trek to discuss how much they would like to tip each staff member based on their individual trek experience. You should prepare an envelope after your trek for your tip money at the Hotel. You can use US dollars, Euros, TZ Shillings or a combination of these. Please ask the Safari/Climbing coordinator at the Hotel for advice.


Mountain Climbs: $25-50 USD per Day per Climber to be shared between guides, chefs and porters.

Safaris: Driver/Guide: $35-50 USD per Day per Car. If it is a camping safari there will be a tip for the cook $10 USD per Day.


Lunch in Serengeti
A view of the savanna in Serengeti with a herd of elephands and a hot air balloon

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