A Taste of The Savanna Safari

Get That Safari Experience of Your Dreams

Do you want to go on a safari but are short on time? This safari is the perfect add-on trip with a Mount Kilimanjaro trek. This concentrated trip will take you to Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, giving you the perfect dose of wildlife and picturesque views proving that quantity is not always quality!


Itinerary Overview 

Day 1 – Tarangire National Park:

  • Pick up from Moshi or Arusha and drive to Tarangire National Park.
  • Lunch en route to the park.
  • Explore the park known for baobabs, acacia trees, and diverse wildlife like zebras, elephants, giraffes, and waterbuck.
  • Observe animals gathering at the Tarangire River.
  • Highlights during the dry season include elephant herds, elands, oryx, rhinos, leopards, lions, and cheetahs.
  • Birdlife is abundant, and rare species like the Roan Antelope may be spotted.
  • Evening drive to Highview Hotel in Karatu for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2 – Ngorongoro Crater:

  • Drive to the Ngorongoro Crater gate (30 minutes from Highview Hotel).
  • Experience the Rift Valley’s eastern side with elephants, buffalo, zebra, monkeys, and birds.
  • Witness the diverse concentration of wild animals within the crater, including black rhinos and lion prides.
  • Spot colorful flamingoes and various water birds.
  • Other wildlife includes leopard, cheetah, hyena, and members of the antelope family.
  • Late afternoon drive back to Arusha, Moshi, or the airport.


Two Birds In One Stone

A short yet enriching safari combines two unforgettable sceneries in one – offering diverse wildlife, unique landscapes, and cultural experiences. Both locations showcase the Big Five and is an ideal for those with limited time or as an addition to a longer plan.